Hi there, I'm Louise Sly, a multi-disciplined designer, specialising in clothing, textiles and screen printing.

With a love of art, design, and textiles, and, experience and innovations honed over many years in workrooms and retail within the fashion industry, Sly and Company was formed. Offering a range of new, from natural fibres, reworked garments from found fabrics, and a carefully selected range of vintage and recycled clothing.

Like a growing number of people, I believe in the importance of mindful, ethical, consumption. As a maker, I strive to balance my love of fashion design with sustainable material and production practices. Garments of style, quality, and individuality, that will reward with many years of use, clothing for others who share the same concerns and passions.

From a young age, I have found inspiration and creativity in the unique garments and fabrics found at thrift stores, garments that are special and connect with me on a personal level. This has inspired me to create memorable pieces that will connect with the wearer and last forever.

I love the unusual fabrics, colours, and designs, not found in new clothes stores. I love the feeling that I am not contributing to the many hidden costs of buying new, I Love That I am not depleting resources, exploiting labour, or supporting fast fashion.

Through my fabric choices and detailing of artistic elements within each piece, I hope you choose a piece that connects with you personally and creatively, that you will wear forever and share special occasions in.

You have a unique identity, so should what you wear. Like-minded fashion for like-minded people.